Stand out of the crowd

From small businesses to large enterprises, entrepreneurs to start-ups, Italian Artisan helps international brands source, connect and trade with Italy’s best manufacturing companies and brands.

Our principles

We believe in the heritage of Made in Italy

We believe in the power of community

We believe in building sustainably

Made in Italy, Made Easy, Made Sustainable

The Made in Italy trademark originated from within the industrial districts in Italy, comprised of a collection of small companies with a shared passion for handmade work and the creation of different designs. United by these common values, these companies were also brought together by their shared spaces, knowledge, work, orders and all of the different elements that existed within these districts.

These techniques and this knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the future of each company, as well as the quality and uniqueness of their collections, which can be seen to this day. Most of the products created in Italy, especially within the fashion sector, can trace their roots back to small and medium sized business that were also very often family-owned and operated. This love and passion to create something unique each and every day is a tradition that continues to live on.

Our Mission

Empowering the tradition of Italian fashion craftsmanship.

“The goal of Italian Artisan is to bring the Italian manufacturing tradition into the future of commerce and preserve Made in Italy heritage while continuing to foster it’s progress.

Made in Italy. Made easy!’’


Founder of Italian Artisan