Alessandro Canullo

Accricco was born in 2015 from an idea by Alessandro in Monte San Giusto, Marche. Thanks to Matteo and Leonardo’s dedication and shared passion for footwear, the first Accricco collection, a mix of creativity and quality, took shape in October 2020. The brand produces its products in the district of Fermo/Macerata, with the same care and craftsmanship that have characterized the territory since the 1930s.

ACCRICCO was born in 2015 from Alessandro's idea of ​​creating a new footwear concept. With the help of Matteo and Leonardo, of their dedication and a common passion for footwear, the first ACCRICCO SHOES collection takes shape in October 2020, a mix of creativity and quality.

From the need not to feel turned off during the March 2020 lockdown, we finally decided to face this particular period by giving life to our project.

The Accricco Team is made up of Alessandro, Leonardo, and Matteo, they grew up in Monte San Giusto which since the 30s has been part of the most important footwear district in the Marche region, consequently, the three from an early age are in close contact with the world of footwear.

Leonardo takes care of the artisan organization process and personally chooses every type of accessory.

Alessandro is the creative mind of the group, he takes care of the stylistic and technical part of our creations and is, an expert in every production process.

Matteo is the wise man of the team, the person in charge of the choice of materials, and takes care of the quality control supervision.

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